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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Favourite Candles

I have chosen three of my absolute favourite candles to show you. The type of candle I want to light depends on the type of mood I am in, therefore the candles range from fresh to sweet smelling. Please let me know the candle scents you like so I an others can try them out.

Water Garden - Yankee Candle
This candle has such a beautiful fresh smell,  perfect candle for when you want to relax or feel fresh and clean, a great candle to light after a spring clean. It isn't too strong or overwhelming, the perfect amount of smell. This is a really lovely candle.

Black Coconut - Yankee Candle

I am quite obsessed with coconut smells and things so this candle is absolutely perfect for me and all you coconut lovers out there. It is such an amazing smell and it isn't too sweet, once again the smell isn't too strong and it fills the room with an amazing tropical island coconut smell. I love to light this one at night before bed, it's the perfect time for this candle.

Pomegranate - MOR Candle 
This is quite a sweet candle perfect for in the day and to wake you up in the morning. The smell is so delicious, I just want to eat it. It is a bit bigger than the other two candle meaning it will last longer. It filters through the room really well filling the room with the fabulous smell.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I am really sorry I didn't post anything last weekend!


  1. love yankee candles but i've never heard of those ones! they sound nice :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. They are amazing and definitely recommend them. I hope you enjoyed the blog and keep on reading! Thankyou!

      SweetBlur x