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Saturday, 7 March 2015

February Favourites

Another month is over and the time for another monthly favourites is here.
I found last month has gone past so fast, what have you gotten up to last month?
Here are my top 5 favourite things from February:

BiorĂ© Blemish Cleansing Scrub -  I have recently bought this and I am loving it. It makes my face look so much brighter and clearer. It has a really nice orange-citrus smell and is really gentle. It exfoliates my skin and makes it feel so clean and healthy after I have used it. I would recommend moisturising your skin afterwards.

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation - This is the foundation I use almost everyday at the moment and I am loving it. It gives my face a really healthy glow and has really good coverage. I don't like the really liquidy foundations as I have found they don't go on my face well and don't last all day. This foundation is the complete opposite. On the bottle it says it will last 24 hours which is a lot to promise but I can confirm that it does last a very long time. I use the colour 200 nude.

Roll On Perfume - This is a life saver for me and so handy to have for your bag or if your travelling. It is a really slim bottle making it fit really nicely in small spaces and is a really handy roll on. I got mine from Sportsgirl but I'm pretty sure you can get them from other clothes or accessory shops.

The Body Shop, Coconut Body Butter - I got this in my stocking for christmas as it is the ideal stocking size present. This is another thing that is good for your bag or travelling because of it's size. It smells absolutely amazing as most Body Shop things do, but I am obsessed with the coconut scent at the moment. It makes my skin smell so good and moisturises it really nicely.

Love, Tanya Book - I am a bit late for the reviews of this book but I only just got it delivered to me a little while ago and since then I haven't put it down. I love the book and all the completely different sections, it is really unique. Anyone who hasn't already got it (not many people by now), I highly recommend it. 

I hope you all have an amazing March, and enjoyed reading last months favourites!

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