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Saturday, 21 March 2015

My Daily Skin Care Routine

I thought I would share with you my daily skin care routine as I know how much I love looking at other people's to get see what they are using and what works. most of these items I have used in my previous monthly favourites, but I thought you would like to know when I use them.
I use the Garnier, Micellar Cleansing Water as my makeup remover. It is brilliant and removes my makeup so well and doesn't leave my face oily or dry. I drench a cotton pad in it and rub all over my face where I have had any makeup.
To wash my face in the morning with Cetaphil, gental skin cleanser. It is really good to use in the morning to gentle remove any dirt your face might have picked up over night and wake your face up.
At night I use the Biore, blemish clearing scrub as a deeper cleanser after a long day, to remove dead skin, dirt and any make up left on my skin after removing it with make up remover.
After I have washed my face both day and night I use the Biore, triple action toner. Soaking a cotton wool pad in it and applying it to my whole face, concentrating on my T-zone.
I then moisturise my face using the Redwin, Vitamin E Cream. Using this both day and night stops me from getting dry skin from using products that can dry my skin out. It is very important to moisturise your face even if you have oily skin.
 After the moisturiser has soaked in I apply my spot fighting products. At the moment I am using Tea Tree Oil and Clearasil Rapid Action Pads. I don't have a routine with these two. I tend to use them depending on what my face is like at the time. I use the Tea Tree Oil when my face is dry or to just focus on the spots because it just fights the spot you apply it, using a cotton bud. I use the Clearasil Rapid Action Pads when I want to focus on my whole face and getting rid of dirt deep in my pours.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a lovely day!
SweetBur x

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