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Monday, 17 April 2017

My Bucket List

I must admit I am an avid list maker. I make lists for shopping, lists for jobs, lists of things I should do in a day, and the list goes on. But my bucket list is my most cherished list of all, it even has its very own special notebook, separate from everything else.

 I once unfortunately spilt a whole mug of hot chocolate on my 'old' bucket list book and a had full blown tantrum before immediately going out and buying a new notebook to write it all out again.

Writing out my bucket list is one of the most blissful times. It seems to removes me from all my worries and allows me to imagine myself doing all these wonderful and amazing things.

In my bucket list notebook at the very back I also keep a list of all the amazing things that I've already experienced. You don't often think back to appreciate everything you've done before and tend to take a lot of things for granted but writing it all down makes you really appreciate all the things you have been lucky enough to do. It certainly shocked me how much I have managed to fit into my life already and the thought of how many more amazing things I will be able to do truly excited me.

When I ask people about their bucket list I've found many people tend to scowl at the idea as they think of it as a list of things they 'have' to do before they die, turning  it into a very morbid thing indeed. I disagree to this misunderstanding of what a bucket list means. It can mean very different things to different people, but to me it is a list of desires and experiences that I would be privileged to do and complete one day, but if I don't it's not anything to worry about.

I am still, and will forever be, working on my bucket list and it would mean an awful lot if you would share your favourite thing on your bucket list with me and enjoy comparing my list to your.

> = complete


> Travel to Paris
     > Go up to Eiffel Tower
     > See Mona Lisa in the Louvre
     > Attend a Moulin Rouge show
     > Go up the Arc de Triomph
Travel to Rome
Travel to Greece
> Travel to Spain
> Travel to England
     > Go to Disneyland
     > Go to the Harry Potter Studios
     > Go on the London-Eye
     > See Big Ben
     > Visit Trafalgar Square
     > See the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace
Travel to Africa
Travel to New Zealand
Travel to Ireland
> Travel to Bali
> Travel to Hong Kong
Travel to America
Fly first class
> Travel around Australia
Visit Pompeii
Visit every continent
> Go on a road trip
> Go camping


> Graduate high school
Graduate university
> Get my first job
> Loose my job
Love my job
Go to film school


> Play netball
> Play soccer
> Play softball
> Learn gymnastics
> Take dance classes
> Play badminton
> Enter a photography competition
> Start a blog
> Learn French
> Learn to play guitar
> Play in a concert
Go clubbing
Go wine tasting
Go to a music festival
> Watch a musical in the theatre
> Go to the school ball
> Go to schoolies
> Attend a music concert
> Get my drivers license
> Get my first car
> Move countries
Own a dog
Buy a car
>Be a bridesmaid
Get married
Have children


Climb a volcano
Explore a rainforest
> Play hide & seek in IKEA
Go to a wax museum
> Go hiking
> Abseil into a cave
> Go snowboarding
> Go rock climbing
> Go white-water rafting
Go water skiing
> Learn to surf
> Learn to sail
> Learn archery
Ride a helicopter
> Go body boarding
> Go snorkelling
> Go kayaking
> Go canoeing
> Go caving
Go paragliding
> Go iceskating
> Go rollerskating
Go paint-balling
> Go go-karting
> Attend a bonfire
> Feed a pelican
> Feed an elephant
> Ride a horse
> Ride a camel
> Ride an elephant
> Ride a unicycle
> Hold a snake
> Hold a koala
> Hold a wombat
> Hold a monkey
> Hold an Orangutan
Swim with dolphins
> Milk a cow
> Get a fish pedicure
> Go fishing
> Catch a fish
> Make a snowman
Have a snowball fight
> Do archery
> Go to a trampoline house
> Go to the drive-in movies
> Go to a theme park
> Go to a water park
> Climb a lighthouse
> Go on a safari
> Complete a high ropes coarse
> Pan for gold
> Find gold
> Visit a butterfly sanctuary
> Do a colour run
> Find a four leaved clover
Go to an A-League football game


Eat snails
> Eat crocodile
> Eat emu
> Eat kangaroo

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