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Friday, 26 May 2017

University vs School

I am now coming to the end of my first semester of university and can official say I have survived the transition from high school to university. My experience at university so far has been life changing, in a good way of coarse. I have learnt things about myself that I didn't know before and have discovered that I am able to do things on my own.

If you have read my previous blog post 'Long Time No Blog' you will know that I have lacked in the friend department. I previously thought that I was going to make a triumphant effort to find new friends at university, but in reality I failed immensely. I found myself keeping to myself and concentrating on trying to adapt myself to uni life (by the way I'll be referring to university as uni from now on). I did of coarse talk to people, I'm not that much of a hermit crab. Asking for help and collaborating in assignments, etc. But nevertheless I have come out of this semester a more independent, confident and happy person.

Anyway I am getting off topic... I am here to talk about the difference between school and university:

Let's start with friends since I've already discussed it. It may not be the same for all of you university students out there, but I went into university with no friends, completely alone and have stayed that way. I've found this has helped me in a way to increase my independence, no longer needing a clique of females to follow me everywhere I went, even if I went to the toilets. Now I know that's a common thing but I must admit I don't know why us girls all go to the bathroom together. In my case it just found it irritating to be followed into one of the most private places by a group of 3+ other girls, even if they didn't need the toilet, they'd just hang around where you dry your hands. Absurd.
But I guess we all eventually get to that age when we look back at things we used to do and cringe.

Schools love there rules don't they, well at least my school did. Uniforms and worn in a particular way (skirts no shorter than your knee), hair ties up if your hair was longer than your collar (yes, even boys), no makeup. I like to relate school to a prison in this respect, having to eat when your told, go to the toilet when your told, drink when your told. Once you step out of those restrictions (holidays) you feel like your somewhat on parole, until your thrown right back in it again.
I wouldn't go so far to say that university doesn't have rules but they're more like social expectations rather than rules, in regards to behaviour and clothing. I mean you would exactly go to the shops in your bra and knickers.
But there is so much more freedom. You can wear what you want (so to speak), turn up when you want, but only if your want. Your education is in your hands. Your not forced to do anything but obviously if you don't you'll fail, simple as that.

99.9 per cent of teachers, in my experience, were horrible. They couldn't care less about you, who you were or how much effort you put into school. To them it was just a job that they had to turn up to and just hung around for the rest of the day, miserable. It didn't make our time at school and more fun than what it already was. But everyone once in a blue moon you'd get an amazing teacher. The teachers that were somewhat happy to be there and actually cared about the kids.
At university it seems like all of the lecturers are lovely. They are all happy, and care about you doing well in the coarse.

Lessons & tests
In school everything is arranged for you. They sort out when your classes are and makes sure everything balances out. Your told all the details for tests and assignments and are pretty much spoon fed everything you need.
In uni it's all down to you. It's up to you to turn up, make sure you've signed up and paid for classes and make sure they don't over lap, take notes, complete assignments on time and study for tests. Once again, with university it's all down to you, if you don't put in the work you'll fair.

It's the freedom, independence that I love about uni. Give me uni over school any day.

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