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Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Ultimate Carry On Luggage Guide

I am lucky enough to be going travelling this winter to the UK. Extremely over excited I started organising and putting out things really for the trip a whole month before I leave, and have made numerous lists (one of my all time favourite things in the world to do is make lists) of what I need to bring. I thought I would share my excitement with you by presenting my 'ultimate flight carry on bag guide'!

My travel bag is always equipped with necessities, along with various comfort items to attempt to make long haul flights just that little bit less horrific.

First and foremost, the bag. This trip I am taking my absolutely favourite bag at the moment that I use for EVERYTHING. It's a medium sized, foe leather backpack with gold zips. I bought it from SportsGirl quite a few years ago, so it is very unlikely to still be available. But I have seen similar bags everywhere at the moment, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one.

Laptop and headphones

I am taking my phone and my laptop with me. I always make sure I pack my electrical devices in my carry on to make sure they are with me at all times in case I need them on the flight, and the main luggage tends to get thrown around a lot or could get lost. I also bring my chargers and cases for extra protection.

I am also bringing headphones to watch movies on the plane. The earphones they give you on the plane tend to be second hand so I prefer to take my own. I use the Bose headphone, they come with a protective case and a airplane cord, so their perfect for flights. Even if I don't want to watch a movie, they are noise cancelling, so they will dull down the noise of the airplane and surrounding if I want a bit of piece and quiet. I also find my headphones really comfy as they don't sit on top of your ears like a lot of headphones do, but surround them. I highly recommend them.

The plane is always such a dry atmosphere, so I always make sure to bring a variety of moisturising skin care products.
I always make sure I including a small tub of moisturiser and lip balm.
I also love to use a sheet face mask on plane flights for some intense hydration. Even though I can get some funny looks its great in the long run. Sheet face masks are great for flight as you don't have to wash it off, you just throw it away once you've finished. I will be using the new Garnier Skin Active Hydra Bomb face mask.
Because of how dry the plane is my eyes tend to get extremely dry, so I pack an eye mist. It makes me feel a hundred times better.

I also like to pack face wipes to freshen up my face during the flight, deodorant (no body likes to sit next to that person who smells), a toothbrush and small toothpaste to freshen up my breath during the stop off, and some hairbands to tie my hair up to get it out of my face.

Make sure when your bringing liquids onto the plane to check the liquid allowance. And pack your liquid in a see through case so they can be easily checked when going through security.

For long flights I always bring a pair of comfy socks and a neck pillow to add some comfort to a quite uncomfortable trip. Although on many long flights they provide you with pillows they tend to be second hand and unwashed, I'd much rather bring my own in my opinion and its so much more comfortable.

Reading material
Reading helps pass the time and relax you a bit more than watching a film if you want to sleep. I love to bring a new book and occasionally a magazine.

Even if where your coming from is gloomy and dull I always take my sunglasses in my hand luggage just in case when I get to my destination it is sunny.

Mints or gum
I always like to have fresh breath during a flight to make me feel more fresh before I am able to get somewhere to brush my teeth. I love the eclipse mints, they are quite intense and great for freshness.

Tissues are always a must just in case or if you need to clean up during the flight.

Purse and valuables
Make sure you keep all your valuables in your carry on bag rather than your luggage to keep them with you at all times in case something happens to your luggage.

Travel journal and stationary
I'm planning on making a travel scrapbook of my trip as a project whilst I'm out there, so I am bringing a journal and a variety of stationary with me.

Please let me know if there is anything I am missing, or other things you like to bring in your carry on travel bag. I hope you enjoyed to post.

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