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Saturday, 1 July 2017

How To Survive Long Haul Flights

I think we all find it really hard to get comfy and feel good on a long haul flight where you're confined to a really small space with recycled air and a limited supply of food/drink. Or serving food/drink whilst your sleeping or aren't hungry so you miss out, SO ANNOYING! I thought I'd share with you some of my tips and tricks that I have picked up over the time I have been going on long hauls flights. Some of these tips may be a bit obvious but sometimes you need a bit of a reminder. Enjoy!

Keep hydrated - I have always found this really hard to do on long haul flight. You only get a tiny cup of water with meals, I always find they taste funny (personal opinion), and when the flight attendants come around with drinks, again, they tend to only give you small cups or it is very tempting to ask for a sugary of caffeinated drink to boost your energy a bit as you have to ask the flight attendants for top up. I think it is a great idea to bring an empty water bottle in your hand luggage to fill up before getting on the flight to make it easier to hydrate. Although, when I do keep hydrated it means I have to keep getting up and down to go to the toilet and it can get very annoying. But despite that it is important. The airplane are really dehydrating and water is the best way to provide you body with essential hydration and can make you feel a whole lot better after the flight. It's worth it trust me!

Take your shoes off - Keeping shoes on a whole flight can be very bad for your blood circulation, not only being really uncomfortable. I always wear one of my bulkiest shoes to the airport to free up some space in my suitcase and pack a pair of really comfy (and warm, keep in mind that the plane can get very cold) socks. As soon as I get onto the plane I take off my shoes and tuck the under the seat in front of my and slip into my cosy socks. It instantly makes me more relaxed and comfy which is brilliant for a very uncomfortable journey. You may be a bit worried about walking up the isle and going to the toilet in just socks, but believe me I have found majority of the people on long flights take off their shoes and hang around in their socks. And when its dark no one will be able to see them, and who looks at your feet during a flight anyway.

Brush your teeth and re-apply deodorant during the half way stop off (of you have one) -  It is always nice to have a bit of a freshen up during the time your waiting for the second half of your flight. After sitting in one spot for about 8 hours can make you feel really rough. Brushing your teeth and splashing your face with a bit of water makes a whole world of difference to feel more fresh and clean. It makes your feel so much better going into another long flight feeling clean. The first time I did this I was worried that I'd look a bit strange brushing my teeth in the toilets, but I was so wrong. Pretty much everyone who went into the toilets had their toothbrush in their hand ready for a freshen up. If your flight doesn't have a stop off I definitely recommend taking your toothbrush with you to the toilet on the plane to have a quick brush and freshen up.

Wear comfy clothes - I always wear yoga pant (leggings), a big flowy shirt. Wearing comfy clothes helps your skin to breath and makes the flight more comfy and enjoyable, and also allows you to move into funny yoga positions attempting to get comfy in your seat (if you've been on a long haul flight you'll know what I'm talking about). I highly recommend layering! Planes can get really cold as they gain altitude and try and regulate the temperature. I always wear a singlet underneath my flowy shirt and a thick jumper, along with my cosy socks. Even if the plane doesn't turn out being too cold your are able to take layers off. I also like to wear a jumper with a hood to use it as a barrier and hide my face when I'm trying to sleep, it also blocks out some light f your not wearing a sleeping mask.

Bring a neck pillow - Allow a lot of long flight provide you with pillows they are second hand from people in previous flight and don't tend to get washed, along with not being very cushiony or comfy doesn't help. Although they can seem a like a pointless purchase I strongly disagree. It took me a while to finally purchase one but I'm so glad I did. They are great support for your neck and gives you something to lean on to make it a bit easier to get some sleep. However, my tip for using them is to wear them side ways or back to front around your neck as it is a lot more comfy and supportive than wearing them the normal way.

In-flight skin care - This may not be one for everyone but personally my skin gets very dehydrated and dry on flights and can become quite uncomfortable. So I like to take small moisturiser and lip balm in my hand luggage to apply during the flight to try to avoid getting uncomfortable, dry skin.

Bring wipes to freshen up - Occasionally you will find that flight attendants come around with cool wipes for you to use to freshen up your skin. Since I first discovered the miracle of cooling wipes on flight I have never left home without a small pack of them. Their great to use on your face, neck and arms to freshen up and make you feel more awake. I highly recommend this.

Stand up and move around - Whether that's going to the toilet or just having a small walk up the isles, it is great to move around to loosen up your muscles and get your blood circulating around your body. Sitting down with minimal movement for a really long time is so bad for you blood circulation and can cause your muscles to tense up and ache. Just a walk up the plane isle can make you feel so much better and helps your blood get to places it may not be able to get to sitting down, such as your toes which can make your feet even colder.

Try to sleep - This one is much easier said than done on a flight. It is so hard to get comfy and find a good position for your head, despite all the lights, noises and distractions around your but it is really important to get some sleep. Sleeping not only will help avoid jet lag but also helps you feel so much better on a flight and makes the trip go so much faster if your able to get a bit of shut eye. Even if you aren't able to get to sleep just sitting there for a bit (in your funny yoga position) with your eyes closed helps your body to rest and recover. A little tip if you are trying to sleep on a flight, don't eat or drink a sugary or caffeinated drink right before your planning to have a nap. Food and drinks give you energy and it doesn't make it any easier to sleep when you have just consumed high levels of sugar or caffeine which will keep you awake and buzzing for at least another good hour.

I hope this helps some of you with surviving the dreaded long haul flight. If any of you have any tips I would love you to to share them in the comments below. Any extra bits of advice are helpful!
SweetBlur xx

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