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Saturday, 15 July 2017

I Wouldn't Survive Winter Without...

When the weather gets cold, wet and miserable life seems to become so much harder to enjoy. Winter is always a struggle to get through for me. I hate the cold and the weather is always reflected by my mood. When there isn't the warmth of the sun to enjoy and your stuck inside most of the time, you have to make a real effort to find things to enjoy the winter months.

Without my winter essential, I don't know how I would get through the cold weather. Every year when it gets to June/July my winter essentials start to find there way back out from the back of cupboard and drawers, and becoming attached to my hip until the weather eventually starts to warm up again.

Cosy Socks & Dressing Gowns - (I have mentioned my love for cosy socks many times before but here I go again, just incase you haven't got the memo yet, I love cosy socks! Walking around a cold house with bare feet (especially on tiles) in the absolute worst. I have quite bad circulation in my feet so they are always cold, even in the summer, so you can imagine how cold they get in the winter. Wrapping up you little toes in a soft woollen sock to protect them from the harsh outside world.

Hot Water Bottle - Perfect to warm up you bed before you get into it. I know there is all this new technology with self-heating blankets and what not, but sometimes nothing beats an old classic. Laying your feet on a hot water bottle at the end of your bed surrounded by cool sheets. Plus you can get such cute covers for them, I love my raccoon!

Wrapping Up In A Super Soft Blankets

Fires & Heaters - My house gets so cold in the winter. Sometimes even outside is warmer than inside out house. Thank god for heaters and fires!

Hot Chocolate - There is not much else I drink in the winter other than hot chocolate. It is my absolute favourite. I'm not a lover of coffee and tea, so I always opt for hot chocolate, but any warm drink is perfect to warm your body up from the inside out. I know its not very healthy but we need to treat ourselves to make us feel better about the cold weather.

Comfy Pyjamas

Baths - Even though it is absolutely freezing when you get out, whilst your in there its like a warm blanket covering your body with bubbles and swirls of colour from a bath bomb you plopped in previously... luxury. Does anyone else get that tingly feeling in your toes when they're cold and you first but them in the warm bath?

Hair Dryers - I don't tend to use hair dryers in the summer because I tend to get way too hot. But in the winter when you've got out of the bath or shower and your freezing cold and wet, blasting your hair with a hair drying is just luxury. And then once your done you left with toasty warm hair for en extra source of warmth.

I hope this reminded you that there are some good things about winter that you can't really get in summer. But despite all these good things, I still hate winter.
SweetBlur xx

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