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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Skin and Hair Care Tips To Survive The Summer

Although it is currently winter here in Australia, for a lot of you reading this it is currently summer. Summer means hot weather, blu skies, bikinis, bright days and tans... but equally means sweat, melting makeup and sunburn. So here are some of my tips to take minimise the bad (annoying) things about summer to make it even more enjoyable.

Suncream - First and foremost, the most important part of skincare during the summer is to protect it against the harsh sun. No one like to get sunburnt and it isn't the most good looking trend either. But unfortunately the sun can have much more devastating effects, and we need to stop taking our chances against skin cancer. Even if the sun doesn't seem that strong it will always have an effect, so I can't stress enough to put on suncream before going out in the summer. I always use at least a 30+ suncream, the more protection the better.

Sunburn relief - Unfortunately no matter how hard you try sometimes, you end up with sunburn. To provide relief from the pain and irritation I use Aloe Vera Gel. It is cooling, and really takes the edge off the pain. It is best to use all natural products on sunburns, without fragrance, artificial colouring, etc. You can find Aloe Vera Gel at most chemists or drug stores. But even better than buying it off the shelf is to access the raw, fresh stuff. I personally have an aloe vera plant in my garden, perfect for dry skin, burns, and cuts.

Makeup Setting Spray - Now girls, I think most of us have experienced that time when we have gone out on a hot day with a full face of makeup on and out eyeshadow has ended up on our chin. I have found our saving grace. Makeup setting sprays help keep your makeup in place and reduce shine. You spray it on once you have applied your make up and as if by magic it works. There are a variety of setting sprays out there from cheap to quite expensive, and a variety of different focuses (matte, at nighter, cooling, etc.). I use a more expensive one from Urban Decay. I have used some cheaper setting sprays that leave small white dots on your face where it has been applied, but the one I use is very good and worth the money.

Don't wear thick, heavy makeup - In the heat having makeup on is such a pain, when you sweat it all leaks down your face and ends up in a gross mess on your face. Summer is the worst time to wear makeup, when you sweat all the makeup is absorbed into your skin and can make it break out, and it also stops the sun from getting to your face to get that natural bronzed look. If you feel that you need to put makeup on try to opt for small amounts or light makeup such as BB creams.

Deodorant - It's a known fact we all sweat, and summer is the worst time of the whole year for that fact. I like to have a bit of extra protection during the warmer months, which is why I recommend the Mitchum Clinical Gel deodorant. It is a gel formula, which means it is clear and doesn't leave white marks on your clothes, as well as being two times stronger than regular deodorants. It is just perfect for summer time.

Natural Coconut Oil Moisturiser - I love to keep things really natural and gentle on my skin. I feel the sun gives it a pretty harsh beating for me to use strong products on top of that. That's why I like to use coconut oil. It is a great all over body moisturiser and can even be used as a hair oil to give it that extra summer glow.

Lip Balm - My lips are dry all year round unfortunately. But when they are exposed to the sun for long amounts of time even I notice they become even dryer than before. I have tried many different lip balms and believe I have found one that is perfect (for me anyway). I have mentioned this before but I use the Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm. It is quite a thick and sticky liquid but is great for long lasting moisture. There are a huge variety of lip balms out there, some with sun protection which is perfect for the summer months for protection against the sun and others more focused on moisturising. But I think lip balm is almost as important as suncream and your lips are skin too, and believe sometimes they can be disregarded and forgotten about.

Hair Products - Due to the heat already beating down on my hair during the summer, I feel my hair needs a bit of a break from hot hair tools. As much as I love to style my hair with straighteners and curlers, I have experienced the intense damage heat can do to your hair and how frail and dead it get. So I want to protect it, by try to take extra care of my hair, using products, such as dry shampoo or sea salt spray, to style my hair during summer. Sea salt spray gives your hair a really natural looking beachy texture perfect for the summer months, and dry shampoo is great for adding texture. An amazing blog site called has put together a full guide to the world of dry shampoo. They have tested over 50 formulas and consulted with experienced stylists in the beauty industry to come up with this amazing guide. I'd love you to check it out, just click the link:

I hope this provided you with some helpful summer tips and tricks. Enjoy the warm weather all of you in the northern hemisphere.
SweetBlur xx

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