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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Amazing Holiday Purchases

I have just recently returned back to Australia from an amazing holiday in the UK. And all I can say is I am jealous of the amazing variety of things you have over there. Clothing, makeup, cosmetics, and food is ridiculous. You can only imagine how crazy I went in the shops over there.

I thought I'd share with you some of the things I managed to squeeze into my suitcase to bring back here to Australia. I thought I'd keep the clothing out of this post as its a bit excessive.

Now I love chocolate. And I have discovered the chocolate we get over here in Australia is a massive disappointment when compared to those I have tried in the UK. I think it's something to do with the heat, they have to put extra ingredients in the chocolate to stop it from melting which obvious inhibits the flavour. But luckily for those people in cooler countries (eg. England) get the natural good stuff. They also seem to not want to share some of your delicious chocolate brands with us unfortunate souls in Australia (Galaxy, get on that).
So, yes, I made sure I ate a lot of chocolate whilst I was over there before being deprived on it again. But .... no one ever told me about the huge range of hot chocolate flavours! They have almost every flavour imaginable. I had to bring (quite a few) packets home. Unfortunately I am down to my last two packets. I don't know how I'm going to survive without their delicious, smooth flavour.
If your a hot chocolate or chocolate lover, like myself, I highly recommend anything from the UK.

Ok, enough rambling on about my love of chocolate and on with the rest of the blog.

I am a lover of anything vintage, so when I saw these cute vintage tins I knew they had to come with me back to Australia. I wish I could have bought more but unfortunately I only had so much luggage space. I use these to hold my everyday makeup and makeup sponges in, but they could be used for literally anything. I also found some amazing vintage advertising wall signs like Coca Cola and Smarties, but I wasn't able to get them back home.
If any of you love vintage stuff like myself I highly recommend the shop Dog and Bone in York, England. They sell old vintage clothes, accessories and home decor like the things mentioned above. But for those of us who don't live anywhere near York we are deprived once again.

Also along the lines of vintage decor I also bought these lovely post card from the York Castle Museum. I am planning to hang in my room somewhere.

Despite my families better judgement I managed to convince them to let me go to the Oxford Street Lush shop. This was my first time here and wow, what an experience. There was so much to see and buy, I could've spent a lot longer in there than I did. Somehow I managed to restrain myself from buying loads of bath bombs, realistically they wouldn't have survived very well being squashing in the suitcase. So I limited myself to just buy some small bath oils. They are so cute and small (perfect for the suitcase, as long as they don't melt, and luckily they didn't) and the variety in the shop was massive. 

I also got one of the shop attendants to help me find this amazing highlighter (eye powder). There was so many options she showed me to use as highlighter but I opted for this shimmery slightly golden eye powder to use as a highlighter for nights out, and it works brilliantly.

A place I have been before is Boots. But I can never get used to the amazing variety of brands and products available. It would take you days to looks at every product in those shops, and I wish I could have. But with the minimal time, and nagging parents, I could only skim through the shop and pick out the bits that caught my eye.

After searching for a long time, through many shops, I finally managed to find a peel off clay mask. I have heard amazing things about this type of mask and have been wanting to find one to try it out for ages. Of course they don't have it anywhere in Australia, but I was lucky enough to stock up on some from Boots. 

Also after hearing people raving about it and searching for it in Australia for ages I also picked up the Pixi Glow Tonic. I can finally tell you, the stories are true, it is an amazing product and I highly recommend it.
I lastly picked up a couple of beautiful nail polish colours. I cloudy, grey-purple colour by Barry M Coconut Infusion range called 'Paradise', and very light pink-white colour by Essie called 'Urban Jungle'.

I am one of those rare individuals now days that loves to read. Unfortunately back here in Australia I rarely get the chance with university, the internet and other distractions. But on holiday I was away from lots of these distractions and got really into a lot of books in the small amounts of down time I had at night and during flights. I love a drama/romance book and read 'All The Bright Places' by Jennifer Niven. It is one of my all time favourite books I have ever read. I also bought a couple more books to bring back to Australia hoping that I will at some point get some time to read them.
I noticed that these types of books were so easy to find and purchase in the UK after really struggling to find a decent book I was interested in to buy and bring on holiday. It took me four shops to eventually find All The Bright Places, that's a bit excessive, but maybe i was just looking in 'all the wrong places'.

I hope you enjoyed another one of my blog posts. I'd love to hear your thought about the things I've talked about in it or anything you'd like me to blog about.

SweetBlur xx

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