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Hi! I'm SweetBlur. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm an 18 year old university student studying Hospitality and Tourism Management, majoring in Events Management.

I am basically your average young adult wanting a little bit more out of life, and this is where it has lead me. I have been blogging for around 3 years about a variety of different things that have at some point I have taken an interest to, such as makeup, skincare (beauty), my favourite things to eat, recipes I've tried out and loved (food), general lifestyle factors, advice and my passions (lifestyle).

My passions include (first and foremost) travelling, soccer, photography, my family, YouTube and movie watching, and of coarse blogging. 

I always wish I could get my makeup looking this pretty on my dressing table.

One of my many photos of butterflies. I wish I would be as photogenic as them.

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